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tv   Washington Journal Rep. John Rutherford R-FL  CSPAN  April 12, 2019 9:41pm-10:09pm EDT

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>> washington journal continues. we are back with congressman john rutherford of florida. the president said he wants a tougher direction on border security. guest: i think we do need to situatione border from two angles. i bifurcate the situation. i think we do have the security of the border, the other is the emigration policy and law that is encouraging individuals to migrate in a dangerous way. as a former sheriff, i have put out a lot of security plans were different operations.
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security plans are always a multi layered process. you deal with personnel, you deal with technology, also barriers like a wall. all of that, its leaders. to visitopportunity the southern border. we traveled from san diego to the rio grande valley, looking at the security aspects of the border. what i saw was as far as san looked likezona, it things were pretty well in hand. replacement,ome fencing, things were not very well designed. around arizona,
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they had drones, the local enforcement was working together amazingly well. they shared intelligence and data and information. they had all the surveillance necessary. when you got past that going had world war ii balloons in the air. they had to come down when the wind hit. some real challenges in the area. we have to address the security issue. theave to address immigration laws that are encouraging these people to come to the united states and try to enter through these ports of entry. house floatede
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the idea of taking migrants they have arrested and then putting them in sanctuary cities as a way of punishing those cities. do you think that is a smart idea? guest: i do not. i think we need to follow the agreement. a judge from california has helped to exacerbate the situation at the border. ruled on this in 2015. agreement, it grew out of a case involving an unaccompanied minor who was detained the border. there was a case brought. case wasement of that
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they would not be detained longer than necessary. they would get them released as quickly as possible. standards ofeate care for them in their detention. they would be released to a did, she was an unaccompanied minor at the border. expandedjudge did, she that to children accompanied by a mother that was accompanying a juvenile. now, you hear the traffickers and drug cartels, those who want to traffic these individuals,
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those who want to get into the country illegally telling these migrants to get a child and bring them with you. that is your visa. ruled that releases quickly as possible met 20 days. she put a number on it. they know that if they come with a child, they will be incarcerated, held for 20 days, released in the country. that is their visa into the country. see a 2000%e increase in the number of accompanied children. if you watch the video of the border, what you see is migrants
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running from them. they are running to them. they know how catch and release works. they are not trying to avoid cvp. transportedually be , get into the system and be released into the country. host: let's go to calls. john you've got to listen and talk to your phone please. go ahead. inler: my question is regards to the financial aspect of who is supplying the financing for the migrant caravans to, not only from the drug cartels which we've alluded to, but in the united states?
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are they getting financial risk for death support? guest: someone is financing some of this. as you see, they are on buses that someone is paying for. there is some organization to this. i will tell you an interesting fact. last summer iras believe it was. i was surprised to learn there are more hondurans in america then honduras. i was surprised to hear that 20% of the honduran gdp is remittances back from the united states. there is an economic driver behind this. they get into the country and work and send money back home.
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20% of the gdp of honduras is from the united states. host: richard is an montréal. caller: good morning. 8, 97% of democrats voted against the resolution that would condemn illegal emigrants from voting in american elections. that's why the democrats don't want border security. they want illegals to vote. why isn't this being reported? guest: thank you for making that public. they want to allow 16-year-olds to vote. that was voted down.
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they want to bring emigrants in and then at some point allow them the right to vote. ron is watching in florida. caller: hello. we have the largest in course rated population in the free world. when people serve their time and get out of jail, they are unable to get high-end jobs. competing withre illegal emigrants for work. isn't that a form of double jeopardy? when did our government begin to serve people that came into the country more than people that serve time? it creates a conveyor belt of crime. do whatever back to you did to get in jail when you can't find work. thank you very much for your time. as a former sheriff, the
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people returning to the community and making them successful was one of my number one priorities. if they come back to this community and we don't find ways to make them successful and help them be successful when they come back, they will go back to what they know. that is drug dealing for most of them. we had a very robust program in jacksonville dealing with reentry. communities, they give you a bus ticket back home. you get off the bus with your close and your on your own. we wonder why they fail. a seminar to help
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them integrate back into the community. specialists who would find employers are willing to hire convicted felons. we are trying to help those individuals. that's why we need to change these immigration laws. we need immigration. i am not opposed to immigration. in as to be done controlled and legal way. how do you respond to this bloomberg op-ed? the fixation on the migration has compromised other security efforts.
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guest: that is part of the problem with these caravans. what they have done is overwhelmed the system so that we -- they may have real asylum needs and they get overlooked. when you look at the numbers, unaccompanied juveniles coming to the border who get asylum out of all of them is about 21%. for adults, it's 6%. mass getting lost. that's were the danger is. issue, if people don't think the drugs crossing the border is a problem, i challenge them to meet with me
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in jacksonville. that's the morgan. i can show you where our medical examiner has done more autopsies than anysed teenagers other county in the state of florida. this is a serious problem. it's got to be stopped. host: we will go down to new orleans. caller: good morning. i've been picking up on what the gentleman was saying. let me say something that will be critical to my mindset. i was 17 years old. i went into the military. when i turned 18 to vote, i had served a tour and a half in vietnam. i came back to the united states and the first thing that ambushedto me, i got
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by people who didn't believe we should of been there. as far as people are concerned , i decidedp in jail i couldn't work in law enforcement. everything was against the law. this thing about people not being able to read habilitative themselves is false. i was stationed in fort bliss. that is junk. say 100,000 people are at the border. there, that ist nowhere near 100,000 anything. anything about ms 13 the way they put it in the news, it would be tattooed on everybody. you need to get off that.
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not overrunning our borders. thank you for your time. guest: i want to thank you for your service to the country and your community as a law enforcement officer. i know the sacrifice that takes. i will say this, the videos that , i see of these caravans don't think that's where the ms 13 members or the drug cartels are going to be spotted. they are running between the ports of entry. evp are running from this instead of toward them like the crowds you see on television. we will go to chicago. go ahead. toler: it is not illegal
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cross the border or present at a checkpoint. it is not illegal to request asylum. that doesn't make it illegal. you said you were a sheriff in jacksonville. what should you do to stop the trafficking, the chinese and russians are coming there to have citizenship. would you be ok if hondurans did that? is that more controlled way to do things? it's not illegal for people to come to the border and request asylum. guest: there is a process for doing that. individualshese when they cross the border, there running to the cvp. they are not trying to get away. they understand the process. the understand it better than most americans.
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that's why they know about catching release. they know they will be released into the interior of the country. we had a situation in jacksonville. populations illegal in your community, living and working. here is the challenge. they create a subculture that does not want to be contacted by the police. they will not contact the police. will praythose who upon that subculture. some men discovered they could rob these individuals. there were several mexicans staying in hotels.
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they would start robbing these folks. if they robbed them inside their , then these individuals got so emboldened they shot them in the leg. that's how the situation came to my attention. there was a subculture of crime going on that wasn't being reported in my community because thats in this subculture is protecting itself they were calling the police.
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i created an international affairs unit to start working inside that community, to work with churches to get inside that community. i let people know, if you are we're not of a crime, going to ask your immigration status. that's not a sanctuary city. inside myence is jail, if you came to jail, by the icen trained agents to use their data. the difference was they had been
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arrested for another crime. the sanctuary city is where you , you don'tme in report them to ice. deportation, we began the process on literally thousands. host: welcome to the conversation. i think the best way to is tot the immigration continue aid to the countries of origin for many of these people like honduras. i think they are struggling there from hunger and famine and war. causes,n reduce those we can prevent the amount of
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illegal immigration. guest: i agree with that. states is the united doing a lot of work in central america with colombia, with honduras, i can tell you one of the things i was most impressed they had police officers. they went through a program called the purge. they vetted all of their police. they terminated about 5000 because they were breaking more laws and they were enforcing. that, violent crime went down. that tells you the situation. you also have to look at the
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courts and prosecution. it's an organization, an international organization that is gone in to help go through and point out the corruption in court. hondurase better in than they have been. why are these hondurans coming with children to america? decision in of the 2015 to allow accompanied miners that they fall under the floor as agreement. that was a mansion -- massive expansion of the agreement. i am a veteran, a christian, a true independent.
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i want you to know that it bothers me to see you try to make people fear those that are i hope of their lives, when you go to church on sunday, you and the other christians stop and think about what you were doing. you are using other people to advance your political party. the entire world. host: in what way? caller: i have been watching you lately. is nothingdent party but gop trying to crowd your airways. thank you and have a good day. understandn't really the fear aspect. i haven't tried to give desperate. everyone.
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tot: we will move on illinois. forer: i want to thank him being there in speaking the truth. should be voicing their opinion through their heart. the reason i'm calling is about the service. the government is allowing these to pop up through the years. i had to deal with these workers. they must start taking the documents they get from workers and submit them to the irs quarterly. the company is using the temp services to pay illegal workers and keep the wages down. that is really what i want to say.
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services are keeping the low-wage workers down. i can tell you, congress is looking at this issue. year, at the end of congress, we actually had a bill that would've secured the that was $25er, billion. that would've been used for the man pair we spoke of. technology,, the the barrier, all of that would have been there. that, $1.8 billion -- dreamers would've received
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legal permanent residency so they can work, pay taxes. they had to do it legally. the key is we have to be able to migrate. they need to be in the system legally. control it so we don't have a negative impact on wages for am announcer: the complete guide to congress is now available. and has lots of detail about the house and then it for the current session of congress. bio information for every senator and representative, plus more information on state governors and the cabinet. actually 19 congressional directory is a handy guide.


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